“In this case, the author does not want you to solve the mystery"

Reindert Falkenburg, art historian

"Looks a lot like fever dreams”

Miquel Barceló, artist

“Maybe that was his purpose,
to provoke discussion”

Salman Rushdie, author

"To understand the meaning of this picture you would need to come up with new words"

Nélida Piñon, author

"It is like a condensed comic"

Max, comic book author

“There is an immense dance being held here"

Albert Boadella, playwright

"It is a very creative time, from the point of view of image and book”

Teresa Mezquita, documentalist

"It is an inexhaustible painting”

Philippe de Montebello, art historian

"This painting has been there for years emanating it’s force, it’s soul…"

Cees Nooteboom, writer

"The painting invites you to participate, to investigate with your mind"

Ludovico Einaudi, musician

"An encyclopaedic painting and at the same time extremely poetic"

Orhan Pamuk, writer

"I think it provokes the same effects than it did 500 years ago”

Renée Fleming, soprano

"It is a great pleasure to get lost in the painting by looking at all the details”

Xavier Salomon, art historian

"It is like a great collective ritual”

Cai Guo Qiang, artist